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Craft Machine

One of the most exclusive innovations of Multima Season X is the introduction of the Craft Machine, forget the old crafting menu.

The Craft Machine also defines the starting price for placing the various objects on the market, each craft has a basic cost, this will subsequently affect the final price for the store.

Each category corresponds to a working Skill, with the exception of the special section ComboCraft which does not require any skills to craft but a series of objects that will combine others to create useful or rare objects.

Category Details

Within each category, you will find the list of items to craft with all the information you need and once you click the “Crafting Details” button you will have a complete outline of all the items required to proceed.

With the “Market Check” button it will be possible to check if the specific object is present in the market and, therefore, to be able to buy it.

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