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Download & Install

Multima is available for Download!

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Note: Some antivirus may block the Installer/Downloader, in case of errors try to disable the antivirus and try again. You will be able to reactivate the antivirus once Multima is installed.

Multima Downloader

Once the Downloader has been started, a screen with the “Install” button will appear. To proceed with the installation of all the latest files, just press this button and wait for the download to complete.

Wait for the download to finish and all necessary files to be installed.


Once the download is complete, an InstallMultimaX file will be generated that you will not have to delete until the installation is complete, the Launcher will automatically delete it and restart.

Note: The install operation may take a few minutes depending on the performance of your PC, in case it takes too long do not be alarmed and wait for the Launcher to restart automatically.

In case you have downloaded the Installer (recommended) open the file MultimaSeasonXInstallFull.exe and proceed with the installation through the wizard, once the operation is completed, Multima Play will appear on your Desktop, double-click it, and press “Start”. Have a good game!

Multima Play

Once the installation is complete, the Launcher will restart automatically and you will see a screen with the “Start” button to start the game or, in case there are updates, you will see the “Update” button.


Every time that there are updates to the files you will see an “Update” button appear instead of “Start”, in this case, you need to click this button, making sure you have closed Multima (in any case, if open the Launcher will close Multima for you) and wait for the updates to be installed, once the updates are complete, the Launcher will restart and you can play by pressing the “Start” button.

Framework 4.7.2

If this error appears during the installation, simply click YES and proceed with the installation of Framework 4.7.2.

To play on Multima Season X it is necessary to use only our Launcher, it will not be possible to connect with other versions or external software.

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