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Golden Invasion

Every six hours Multima will be invaded by Golden Monsters which are considered real bosses. Each Golden Monster belongs to a certain area and each of them will have a different drop depending on its power. The drop consists of Box of Darkness ranging from +1 to +5.

The area where the invasion will take place is unknown and is always random.

Cove (Box +1)

Cove will be invaded by:

  • Golden Goblin
  • Golden Scorpion
  • Golden Werewolf

Desert of Compassion (Box +2)

Desert of Compassion will be invaded by:

  • Golden Golem
  • Golden Bone Daemon
  • Golden Rising Colossus

Ice Lands (Box +3)

Ice Lands will be invaded by:

  • Golden Cyclops
  • Golden Drake
  • Golden Minotaur

Britain (Box +4)

Britain will be invaded by:

  • Golden T-Rex
  • Golden Paroxysmus
  • Golden Pyros

Multima Land's (Box +5)

Multima Land's is that city that will be invaded by the strongest Golden Monsters:

  • Golden Lithos
  • Golden Stygian
  • Golden Exodus
  • Golden Hydra
  • Golden Turtle

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