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Gor Mincastle

The Quester will allow you to get fantastic and very rare mounts. The one who will give you access to Pets Valley.

Fragment of Pet's Valley Ticket

These fragments will allow you to Craft the Ticket of Pets Valley in the Craft Machine with the Inscription Skill and you can drop it in Mob of level 50 or higher, in order to craft a Ticket you will need 25 fragments, a Crafting Scroll, and Inscription at 75.0.

Pets Valley Event

Once you have access to the Pets Valley you will have 12 minutes to find and tame the rare mount, within the Pets Valley it will not be possible to use the Skill Tracking. At the end of the 12 minutes in case you are not able to tame the mount it will remain wandering and whoever comes later will have the opportunity to tame it.

Each player who enters the Pets Valley will spawn a mount and the area will be totally emptied every Sunday night.

It is possible to tame more than one mount within the event, remembering that in order to bring it with you you must use the “All come” command and have them at a maximum of 5 tiles away, waiting for the countdown.

Note: Remember to have slots available and that the maximum number of mounts per character is 5.

Essential items

To access Pets Valley it is necessary to have the Taming Stick and the Ticket of Pets Valley. Remember that once the mount is tamed, the Taming Stick will be consumed, so to tame more than one mount you will need more sticks.

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