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Guilds & Exp Reward System

Once you reach level 50 you will be able to create your own guild, you will need a minimum of 8 players and 100,000gp for the concession in addition to the expenses for the acquisition of the guild headquarters.

Example: If you choose to purchase a guild house that costs 80.000gp, 100.000gp will be added to this for the grant for a total of 180.000gp. The grant is one-time and will grant you ownership of the guild for life. On Multima there is a Leveling & Experience System dedicated exclusively to guilds, once you join a guild and find yourself in PvM you will begin to produce - in addition to your experience - also Guild Exp Points that will allow you to contribute to the growth of the guild level.

Raising your guild level will grant you access to Exclusive Dungeons with special Drops.


As you increase your guild level and acquire Glorygems you will be able to gain access to collective bonuses that can be activated for seven days, each Bonus requires a certain amount of Glorygem.


Linked to the PvP Revenge System, you can donate your Revenge Points by exchanging them for Glorygem.


Each Guild has its own Storage to manage the decorative objects inside, in fact through the Build System panel it is possible to decorate your Guild by inserting objects, trunks, forges, tables, and much more.

Guild Storage can be increased by adding 10 items for 500 Glorygems.

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