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In-Game Store

On Multima there is an in-game store that will allow you to sell weapons, armor, and objects up to a maximum of 5 at a time.

The insertion of an item in the store is currently free, to insert an item for sale simply open the Store (by clicking at the top in the UO bar or in the PG Center information panel) and select “Sell an Item”, at this point a target will appear, select the object to sell and the following screen will open.

Select the price of your item and press the “Continue” button.

Once you have verified the accuracy of the data, you can proceed to publish the object which will then be available on the market and can be purchased by anyone.

Check the status of your shop and your sales every day, as soon as you sell an item you can collect your collection which will be deposited directly in the bank. To withdraw the money just click on the “Collect GP” button.

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