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Level & Experience System

On Multima there is a totally custom level system that allows you to obtain certain benefits as your character's level will be higher. The total number of levels on Multima is 100.

Experience System

Once you have created your character the level will be equal to 1, to reach the next level you will need to go to the various Dungeon and kill the Mobs that will allow you to get experience points.

You can keep track of your level and the experience points required to reach the next level thanks to the information panel that you will find open or, if minimized, you can recall it using the .pgc command.

Experience points vary from monster to monster, the higher the level of the mob killed, the higher the amount of experience points obtained.


Each level passed will allow you to unlock certain accesses to Dungeons, Quests, and Special Locations. In addition, the level increase allows you to wear stronger weapons and armor.

Each level passed allows you to obtain a stat point to distribute as you wish through the Stats management panel in the PG Center.

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