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First steps

To start playing on Multima it is important to know the basics of the system and make the right choices according to the role you want to take, below is a guide on how to approach the game.

Character Creation

Once logged into your account you will be asked to create your character, so choose a name and press the green arrow at the bottom right to continue.

Here you can vote for your favorite race, this will not affect the choice of your character's race which will be asked later.

At this point, you are ready to enter the world of Multima!

Race/Class Choice

Once you enter Multima you will find yourself in the Born Room where you will be asked to choose your language, select Italian or English, remembering that some basic systems of the game will still remain in the original language (English).

Once you have chosen the language you can go to the Stone of Multima for the choice of race/class, double-click the Stone, and the panel that will be presented to you will be the following:

Then just click the race to access the information like special skills, suggested classes and malus will be listed. The choice of class and race depends a lot on the style of play you prefer, in case you choose to be a Destroyer (War) and focus on the resistance you will want to choose Wolf or Daemon (up to 160 and 150 str/hp), or if you want to focus on the strategy you can choose a Human and use his special ability capable of paralyzing the opponent, see Races.

So on Multima Season X, there is no standard game template, which is why the possibility of being able to reset your stats up to two times has been included, the best fighter will be the one who will be able to create the best STATS+EQUIP+ABILITY template associated with your individual strategy, this makes PvP on Multima very dynamic, varied and always different.

First Levels

In order to grow your character during the first levels, special dungeon have been created that are immediately accessible and undemanding such as Cove Orcs Camp or Ancient Lair, both accessible with a minimum level of 5.

Cove Orcs Camp

Cove Orcs Camp Entrance from Cove

Cove Orcs Camp will be your first stop, this place is perfect to pass the first levels, you will find Orcs, Trolls, and Moongbats.

Ancient Lair

Ancient Lair Entrance from Cove

In this dungeon, you will start to find monsters of a little higher level like Trolls, Gargoyle, Daemons, and Cyclops. Useful for easily reaching level 15/20.

Stat Points

Upon passing each level you will be awarded a stat point to be distributed as you wish, it is, however, important to keep in mind that the stats points on Multima are of fundamental importance and you must have a clear idea of how you want to configure your character, weapons and armor require a certain strength and/or dexterity to be worn so it might be useful to take a look at the Craft Machine where all the weapons and armor present on Multima are contained with related defenses, strength, dexterity or minimum level required.

To be able to increase your stat points just click the green button next to the stat value, as regards the number of available points can be viewed on the right side. In case of errors, it will be possible to reset your stat up to a maximum of two times.

Moody the Quester

Once you have reached a good level you will surely have started to unlock some Quests of Astrid Moody already, these “missions” consist of achieving some objectives including killing a certain number of Mobs, collecting objects or fishing.

This Quester is located in Lux, whose entrance is located at Cove, next to the bank.

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