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Resources & Gathering

As an experimental system (now active and definitive) introduced already from 2019 on Multima The Darkness to recover resources on Multima Season X, Cave-Dungeons and Jungle-Dungeons have been defined and prepared where it is possible to obtain in the drop of mobs wood and minerals, their rarity will depend on the value of your working skill (see Skills Tree).


A Cave-Dungeon is usually populated by various types of Elementals, when killing an Elemental Mob you will find minerals inside it, below is a list of mineral drops:

Mineral Minimum Skill value per Drop
Iron Mining 1.0
Copper Mining 15.0
Bronze Mining 20.0
Silver Mining 25.0
Dull Copper Mining 27.0
Old Copper Mining 28.0
Shadow Mining 34.0
Gold Mining 35.0
Agapite Mining 45.0
Blue Diamond Mining 50.0
Ecru Citrine Mining 62.0
Mytheril Mining 65.0
Valorite Mining 75.0
Verite Mining 80.0
Bloodrock Mining 90.0
Dark Sapphire Mining 95.0
Blackrock Mining 100.0


The Jungle-Dungeons are areas of land full of trees populated by Reaper, Elder Reaper, and other monsters that will drop logs when they are killed, their rarity will also depend on the value of your Lumberjacking skill.

Below is a table of the drop:

Log Minimum Skill value for Drop
Log Lumberjacking 1.0
Ash Log Lumberjacking 12.0
Serpent Log Lumberjacking 20.0
Sun Log Lumberjacking 30.0
Oak Log Lumberjacking 37.0
Celestial Log Lumberjacking 40.0
Yew Log Lumberjacking 42.0
Battle Log Lumberjacking 50.0
Frostwood Log Lumberjacking 53.0
Crystal Log Lumberjacking 60.0
Heartwood Log Lumberjacking 75.0
Bloodwood Log Lumberjacking 80.0
Darkness Log Lumberjacking 100.0


To recover the leathers in order to proceed with the crafting of the leather armor it will be necessary to kill various types of Dragons, Demons, or Gargoyles. Once the monster has been killed, it will be necessary to carve it with a Carving Dagger.

Leathers List

Name Mob
Spined Hide Stone Gargoyle or Dragons
Barbed Hide Orc Shaman, Greater Dragon, Dragon Wolf
Horned Hide Copper Drake, Gargoyle, Daemons, Red Dragons
Shadow Hide Shadow Dragon
Ice Hide Ice Dragon, Ice Fiend
Skeletal Hide Skeletal Dragon
Ancient Hide Ancient Wyrm
Wyvern Hide Wyvern
Crimson Hide Crimson Dragon
Platinum Hide Platinum Dragon
Serpentine Hide Serpentine Dragon
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