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All the registered users are required to behave towards other players and any member of the administrative team, treat others as you would like to be treated. If a player is found guilty of misconduct by an administrator, he will receive disciplinary action based on the seriousness of the violation which could lead to penalties and, in more serious cases, the blocking of his character and/or temporary or permanent expulsion from the Game Server.

1. General regulation on mutual respect

1.1 Mutual respect

All players must show mutual respect, it is forbidden to offend or defame.

1.2 Names of the characters

It is strictly forbidden to write sentences or assign names to one's character that can be referred to members of the administration of Multima, names that can create a provocation, that has a civic or religious character or that refer, directly or indirectly to serial killers or people convicted for crimes against humanity after the year 1899 AD

1.3 Language

It is forbidden to use bad language and/or phrases containing: blasphemies, insults, racism, offenses of a religious nature, incitement to violence, invitation to hatred, incitement to suicide, offenses to public office, politicians, the judiciary or the forces of order or any other word that could violate any sense of modesty.

1.4 Advertising

It is forbidden to advertise other servers within Multima in order to damage the Server, in Discord, or any other communication platform present on the Multima network or representing the same.

2. Game mechanics and bug abuse

2.1 Misuse of bugs

The abuse or improper use of game errors is strictly prohibited, henceforth “bugs”, in order to benefit from them, any problems found on the game mechanics that may in any way favor the gameplay must be reported via Discord in the section “bug-reports” or by contacting a staff member.

2.2 Fairness in PvP

During a PvP it is forbidden to use bugs to obtain benefits, it is strictly forbidden to use external programs that can alter the game mechanics.

3. NO-KILL Zone

3.1 Areas of interest

The areas where it is forbidden to kill and/or loot are:

  • Drepania
  • Lux

Lux is a special zone for market but stealing is allowed. It means that if you see a player attempting to steal something and his name became gray (criminal) you can kill him, otherwise, attacking action will be blocked in this area.

4. Game accounts and characters

4.1 Game account

Each player is allowed 2 accounts with 2 characters per account, per IP. Account sharing with third parties is not allowed. If you are linked to more than 2 accounts during a periodic check, all accounts will be removed.

4.2 PvM (Player vs. Monster)

During PvM Multi-Client is allowed, which means that during PvM the same player can have both accounts logged in at the same time.

4.3 PvP (Player vs. Player)

During PvP the Multi-Client is NOT allowed.

5. Clients and Gameplay Assistants

5.1 Official Launcher

You may login to Multima via our Official Launcher using ClassicUO.

Allowed programs

  • Multima Play - Official Launcher
  • Razor (Comes with the Official Launcher)
  • RazorEnhanced

5.2 External Software

Any software that may give you a Fast Rotation effect is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Cheat Engine, UOGear, EasyUO, Sallos, Orion, MobileUO, Stealth, AssistUO, UOLoop, ClassicAssist or any other softwares that is not included in our Launcher are not allowed. Any program/application which allows you to take advantage over other players is considered illegal. Players found to be using prohibited programs/application will be permanently banned.

6. Gameplay Conduct

6.1 Harming

We are a community that puts players' enjoyment first. You will not do anything that could interfere in any way with the ability of other players of Multima in relation to the rules of the same.

This includes:

  • Excessive verbal harassment;
  • Excessive negativity;
  • Excessive vulgarity;
  • Intentionally trapping other players in locations that force them to use the Travel System;
  • Blocking public moongate or the Cycle moongate or destination spot;
  • Blocking dungeons entrances/exits;

The rules related to moongate blocking are applied only for public and permanent moongates or dungeons entrances/exits placed in the world. This rule doesn't effect the moongates created by Gate Travel Spell or Gate Travel Scroll, also doesn't affect moongates created from Dungeon Travel System (PG Centre→Travel→Dungeons→Gate Travel).

Those rules are valid for both PvM and PvP. Anyone found/reported with screenshots will be immediately fined or jailed. Players who continue to abuse will be permanently banned from the shard and community.

6.2 Pretend to be a staff member

You may not impersonate any Multima Staff Member in-game or community. Players who violate this will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

7. AFK/Unattended Gameplay

7.1 Gathering and Experience

AFK/Unattended resources gathering (Ores, Logs) or Player Experience using automatic scripts/macros is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use scripts/macros to use Stealing skill.

  • First offence will result in 7 days of Jail + 100.000gp of fine.
  • Second offence will result in a permanent account ban.

The Rules can be changed at any time, please check this page periodically.

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