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Multima Season X is an online MMORPG multiplayer. Born in February 2007 over time it has developed totally customized game systems in order to offer players an exclusive gaming experience closer to modern MMORPGs, despite this it has tried to keep all the nostalgia of the original Ultima Online while continuing to expand the game to always offer new and exclusive content. It is a world where your character is free to express himself and do as he pleases (in accordance with the rules of the game), a place where you can create your own weapons, armor, potions and equipment, buy your home and furnish it, go fishing or exploring the world in search of hidden treasures.


The platform to manage the game mechanics for fights and interactions is Ultima Online, fully customized with new graphics, animations and game systems to be exclusive to Multima Season X. The client used is ClassicUO by Andreakarasho, fully packed with features like built-in map, visual macros, counters, fast loot, zoom and higher FPS.

Free to Play

To play on Multima Season X there is no payment required, the game can be downloaded completely free of charge from our Downloads and Installation page.

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