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Treasure Event

The Treasure Event is a real treasure hunt with a juicy reward, it is closely related to the Pink Rabbit who will occasionally invade the lands of Multima, these adorable creatures will be your worst nightmare.

Treasure Map

The Treasure Map is the treasure map that manages the Treasure Event, this map can be crafted in the Cartography section of the Craft Machine and requires items to be dropped by monsters.

Pink Rabbit

Pink Rabbit are special creatures that once hit will jump around you making you lose track of a few tiles, they do not attack but can become really complicated to kill. Once killed, however, they will drop Treasure Puzzle Fragments.

Treasure Puzzle Fragment

The Treasure Puzzle Fragments will be used to craft the Treasure Puzzles via the Craft Machine and the Skill Inscription, to craft a single Treasure Puzzle you will need 3 Treasure Puzzle Fragments.

Treasure Puzzle

Once you have obtained the Treasure Puzzles you simply have to double-click on them and then select the Treasure Map you are deciphering at that moment. Each map requires leveling up to 12, so each map needs 12 Treasure Puzzles to be able to decipher it.

Complete Map

Once the map is complete, a button will appear that will allow you to reveal the area where the Treasure Chest is hidden, click the button and a red marker will appear on the map.

Treasure Talisman

The Treasure Talisman will keep you updated on the remaining time to find the Treasure Chest (4 hours), once the time is over the Treasure Chest will disappear, and with it the treasure too.

Treasure Chest

Once you have reached the Treasure Chest, just double-click it to receive your prize which consists of the Mystery Bag.

Mistery Bag

To claim the prize, you will need to double-click the Mystery Bag and you will get a weapon or piece of armor suitable to your race and class Ancient +12 (Very Rare) and 10,000gp.


You must be aware that it is possible that your treasure can be stolen by those who pass by it, if in fact, another player finds the treasure before you, you will have lost everything but you will not know it until you double click on it.

This is one of the items you can get by finding the treasure:

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